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Monday, January 28, 2008

Anwar ada klip Video vk lingam episod 3

Anwar has another video clip

MIRI: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will release another video clip showing certain corporate leaders trying to influence judicial appointments.

PKR vice-president Azmin Mohd Ali, who disclosed this here yesterday, said the video clip would be released soon.

“This video clip is going to be even more damaging than the first video clip,” he said.

“Anwar wants to testify personally in the ongoing Royal Commission of Inquiry (on the Lingam video tape controversy). If he is not allowed to do so, he will release this video clip most probably in Kuala Lumpur.”

Azmin also said there were two other material witnesses who had important evidence to provide.

Malaysia's judiciary faces new claim of high-level bribery

Posted by Raja Petra
Monday, 28 January 2008

(AP) - Malaysia's judiciary faced fresh allegations of high-level corruption Monday when opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim released a video apparently showing a lawyer claiming to have bribed a top judge.

Anwar sparked an outcry in September when he made public a secretly filmed video clip of a man who appeared to be prominent lawyer V.K. Lingam telling someone on the phone in 2001 that he could use his political and business connections to get that person promoted as chief justice.

Anwar released what he said was the next segment of that video Monday. The five-minute footage showed the same man in the video alleging that he had given ``the most expensive gift'' to a former top judge and taken him out to dinner three times... The release of the clip in September led the government to order a public inquiry that began Jan. 14. Lingam has refused to confirm or deny whether he is the man in the video, claiming he cannot recall the incident.

Lingam has nevertheless denied brokering the appointment of judges, saying he could have been drunk and falsely bragging in the video.

Anwar said the new video clip highlighted the urgency for the inquiry to ``operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency so as not to be seen as feeding the rot which has tarnished the Malaysian courts.''

Lingam testified at the inquiry Monday that he was approached in 2000 by another lawyer who wanted him to ask former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to appoint that lawyer as a judge. Lingam said he told the lawyer that he ``couldn't help him.''

The video clip, recorded by a visitor to Lingam's house, has strengthened suspicions of a cozy nexus between judges, lawyers, politicians and businessmen. The video also raised questions about whether judicial corruption has tainted key verdicts stretching back more than a decade.